Friday, May 11, 2012

President Obama Endorses Gay Marriage...

Yesterday the President went on record to say that he supported Gay Marriage. Mind you he did this just in time for election season. When I first heard the news, I immediately wanted to know who was running against him, because I was going to vote against him for making such a brash decision. Christians took to Twitter to express their disdain towards the President's decision. I refrained to do that. I'm not going to argue what the Bible says about homosexuality with anyone. The TRUTH doesn't need to change. WE do. While I don't agree with the decision, I LOVE every single one of God's children. As Christians, we are not to condemn anybody. Let he who is without SIN cast the first stone. We should love and show compassion towards everyone, even Gays. I still believe that SIN is SIN and that they all can be delivered from it, just as a crack head is delivered from drugs. But we must Pray that they are delivered and continue to spread God's WORD so that they might be AWARE of the SIN they're in. (Not bash them, send mean tweets, condone what they do or talk down to them) JESUS wouldn't do that.  Check out the President's stance below:







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