Friday, April 18, 2014


So last night I was finally able to attend an event Radio Show Host "Cookie" of "The Cookie Jar," on had been inviting me to for months. (The event is held once monthly and the next one happens to be a Mother/Daughter brunch.) With work, events, and church, it has been hard for me to make it. So when she posted the flyer and I noticed I was free, I jumped to the opportunity to attend. I'm so glad I did.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by several warm faces of Louisiana women, plus a few out of state folk. I was handed a little journal with a pen and told to write a letter to my Father. The topic of discussion for the night was Daddy's Girls/Daddy Issues. There was food and beverages for guests who freely situated themselves in a cozy room on comfy couches in a snug/warm ambiance. Ladies introduced themselves as each person took a seat. I sat in a corner, initially not expecting to say anything. I just began to write the letter to my Father. As the assembly began to get underway, the hosts asked guests to introduce themselves and say rather they were a daddy's girl or if they had daddy's issues. The room was about half and half. So when the stories began to pour out, extreme emotion began to take place.

Each woman had a choice. Speak on your story or just sit and listen. The plan was to go there to support a fellow sister's event. I was not to say a word, but I could not help, but to HELP my sisters. While I am a daddy's girl, I too grew up with certain issues in my household. I'm sure everyone can relate to that. So as stories to began to be poured out, as women released their pains/struggles, I could not resist speaking out. Tears were shed, hearts were touched, women were empowered, lives were changed, and GOD got the glory inside of a bar/tavern. What made me begin to talk about God and his forgiveness, I don't actually know. But I knew that someone needed to hear it. Immediately the tears rolled. Women who never shared their stories with anyone, poured out their hearts in a room while other women encouraged them. I remember giving out several hugs. It could have easily been a church service, had we ended in prayer with a call for salvation. We even went over time in good old BAPTIST fashion. LOL! Overall the event was inspiring, motivational, encouraging and people were delivered.

So as I SPEAK, I want to say this. Each and every one of us women are fearfully and wonderfully made. We are of a royal priesthood, a chosen people. We have dominion and authority over our lives. It was given to us in the beginning. We are POWERFUL. We must not let the burdens of our past hold us down. We must not give the people that hurt us our POWER. Whom the SON sets free is free indeed. Forgiveness allows for a release, a freedom that helps us LIVE. God's come so that we may have life and have it more abundantly. That's not just talking about money in our lives, but abundant JOY, PEACE, FREEDOM and LOVE. I hope that every woman reading this knows that what your father did to you wasn't PERSONAL. It had nothing to do with you and you've done nothing wrong. Something that they were dealing with caused them to foul up. Free yourself from their struggle by releasing them today. You can overcome your struggle. You have the POWER and God has not given you the spirit of FEAR. Be fearless enough to admit and address your struggle and if you've held it in for a long time, that's an indication that you're STRONG enough to LET IT GO. I love you. GOD LOVES YOU.

Peace and Blessings,

Lyiena McMillan

Friday, April 4, 2014

New Video: DeeDay "Turn Up Juice"

After killing a freestyle with Hip Hop Veteran DMX, New Orleans own DeeDay has just released his new video for his single "Turn Up Juice." Check it out:

Monday, March 31, 2014

New Video: Memphis Bleek "Thanks I Get"

Memphis Bleek came so hard on The Movement 2. After holding it down for Hov and Roc-A-Fella for so long, Bleek expresses his feelings on "Thanks I Get." I love this.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Drake Debuts New Song in Birmingham - "Call on Me"

Drake shared a new song with fans in Birmingham, England. "Call on Me" is another one of Drake singing joints. You can hear all of the words clearly, but it sounds like another hot joint.

New Music: Jay Electronica Ft. Jay-Z "We Made It"

Jay Electronica had the net going nuts after he released his single, "Better in Tune with the Infinite" produced by New Orleans own Lawrence Parker aka Crack Tracks. But today he dropped a new joint featuring the King himself Jay-Z over Soulja Boy's "We Made It" track produced by Lil Nik. First of all shout out to Lil Nik for a dope ass track. Secondly, I don't know if Jay Electronica is about to drop his first Roc Nation album or not, but he killed his verse. Centered around being freed from slavery, Jay Elec touches on the "Struggle" the Black man faces and making it out. He equates this to being freed from slavery. From his pyramid references to his reference of his Father running around the 3rd ward, being raised by trap gods and being saved by a black god, Jay Elec pours out his thoughts on now being FREE. Although, he's made it, somewhat, he stills holds animosity toward the ones who tried to hold him back. “Face all in the Sphinx, story all on the walls of pyramids, you know the black god saved me. You can blow the nose off, that won’t change it/Obamacare won’t heal all that anguish.”-Jay Electronica
That line there says it all. While Obamacare won't heal the anguish, actually being FREE should. 

Jay-Z comes in with his Reasonable Doubt flow. "Top of the Slave Ship," Jay-Z raps. "Nigga, we made it. I own my own MASTERS." Jay spews right before he takes a jab back at Rapper Drake. Drake who spoke on Jay-Z's current rap state in an interview as to only referencing art and saying that the rap/art reference is getting old kind of brought back the old Jay-Z. This is sort of a call from Drake to Jay as Jay did to Wayne when he rapped about "The mixtape Weezy." Jay-Z's raps have been more art reference than not and if you're making 30-60k a year, you're probably not buying Warhols. Jay-Z says he's rapping about things that he actually bought, which he is. But really what Drake is saying is that EVERYONE cannot relate to your art references. The people need a little more than that. It's good to teach them what good art is, but it's also good to teach them about things that will get them through everyday situations...situations that they might actually be dealing with. The jab was nice, but I think what Drake said actually made Jay-Z flow better. Coming to the end of his verse Jay-Z/Hova still wants to call himself the GOD/Jesus. Blasphemous. I'm sorry, but you cannot believe in Christ and agree with Jay-Z constantly saying that he's GOD. “I'm GOD, Jesus/7 letter made/So when my arms seemed shackled, I still get paid/All praises due/I'm ready to change the yacth, cool back in the cage/these are the last days, but do I look phased/Showed up to the LAST SUPPER in some brand new J's/ I'm the true a living/Book of Hov, new religion/8th wonder of the world, alias, superstition”-Jay Z

I'm sorry, but that's too much playing with God for me. He's God? All Praises due to him? These are the last days, but he ain't phased? Showed up to the last supper in some brand new J's? Really? Ok..... but hey, that's how niggas feel when they feel like THEY MADE IT. While Jay-Z does have a point in the line in which he says "You don't know who you are." That's true. Blacks are Kings and Queens and he should teach that we are, but it gets sounded out with all that God talk. 
Take a listen to the track below:

Also Rocafella General Memphis Bleek just dropped a mixtape.... Hov couldn't jump on that??? 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

New Mixtape: Memphis Bleek The Movement 2

Memphis Bleek is back with a hot mixtape. Bleek has been making his mark overseas, but now it's time to show up at home. Not only is Bleek starting his own movement, but he's also an ambassador for Dusse. He's been dropping hot joints and doing shows in the states. It all led up to The Movement 2. Take a listen as Bleek steps out on his own. It's hot. I don't know what took him so long.

New Music: Memphis Bleek Ft. Freeway "Next Move Best Move"

If you haven't heard  former Rocafella Lieutenant Memphis Bleek just dropped a hoot new mixtape "The Movement 2." This joint with Freeway is just one of the hot cuts that he has coming from this tape. Check it out and download The Movement 2!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Freestyle: Lil Boosie Produced By: S-8ighty

New Orleans Super Producer and Artist S-8ighty heard Lil Boosie's first freestyle on his ride home and had to put it to a beat. The track goes just right with Boosie's ladi back flow. I hope to see the two of them working together real soon! 

Q93's Juggie Calls in to Defend Himself on August Alsina Story....

If you haven't checked out the post with August Alsina blasting Q93 for not putting enough support behind local New Orleans underground talent, click on this link to read more:

In an interview with Bonose TV newly famed New Orleanian August Alsina was not afraid to voice his opinion to Q93's Trey White on how the radio station did not support underground talent. He stressed that he had to move away to blow up, but he was happy to be finally getting acknowledgement at  home. In the interview he named one of Q93's VJ's Juggie in particular. Well someone sent my story to Juggie and he contacted me immediately after he checked it out and watched the interview.

"I not only supported August Alsina, but I personally put up money for him to record across the river by Ya boy who used to produce for Bad Boy...what's his name? Ace." said Juggie in a phone interview with me. He also stated that he not only supports local talent and stood behind August from the beginning, hooking him up with other artists like 3D Na'tee to do a song. He went on to say that unlike other VJ's he does not charge artists to play their music, but he voluntarily plays people's music for FREE. Juggie also sent me a few pics, tweets and a screenshot message he personally sent to August in support. Plus, I found a few tweets to back his story. So New Orleans artist there are people who actually stand behind underground talent. Juggie puts on his Mama that he's one of them! Holla at the boy!

The Day Juggie and August Met

Before Q93's Fan Fest

Supportive text Message From Juggie to August Pre Fan Fest

Saturday, March 15, 2014

August Alsina Blasts Q-93 in Interview...

In an interview for Q93's fan fest August Alsina lets Trey White of Q93 know that he remembers how the radio station refused his music. He specifically named a Q93 VJ Juggie as someone he reached out to, but was denied a shot. August like many other New Orleans talent moved outside of New Orleans to Atlanta to get his big break. August strongly voices his opinion on how the city itself doesn't support it's artists and how he should not have had to leave his HOME to blow up. He encourages people to support their home talent before they blow up. I must say that I agree 100 percent with August. People in New Orleans, including some of the people in media positions do not support unsigned talent and ultimately jumps on the bandwagon when the talent takes off. While this doesn't go for everyone at Q93, there are people like Wild Wayne and Slab-1 who has always supported underground talent.  Check out this video courtesy of Bonose TV.