Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Neutral Grounds Season 2

Actress/Director/Producer Adrione Domino is back with her web series "Neutral Grounds." Season 2 begans with Hannah visiting "The Cookie Jar" television show to reveal the Soze scandal.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

New Video: Clock Work's C4, Day4 & Da Kannable "King Nuck"

The Iberville Projects own Clock Work's C4, Day 4 and Da Kannable are back with a new joint. "King Nuck" takes you on a walk through their hood, the "Ville." A message to their friend, King Nuck who lost his life to the streets, this song entails crucial moments in the young rapper lives. This is real street music.

Monday, November 10, 2014

New Video: Allie Baby "Mitch and Ace"

Allie Baby took a break, but she's back with vengeance. The New Orleans doll has been grinding it out for a long time. She was originally a part of the group Black Ice, managed by Q93's Wild Wayne. The group split and Allie is the only one that stuck with rap. "Mitch and Ace" entails her struggles with the rap industry and her determination to make it big. Check it out.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

New Video: Codac Feat. Lana Amazen "Ride or Die"

9th ward's own Codac is back with a new joint featuring Lana Amazen. Codac has been on a little hiatus since his "Codac Moment" debuted. But Lana Amazen has been killing the New Orleans female cypher scene. This "Ride or Die" video entails a story of a couple who's down for each other and who'll do whatever, whenever to ensure the both of them are straight. Check out the video below:

Monday, November 3, 2014

New Video: 3D Na'tee "Wake Me Up"

3D' Na'tee has finally dropped a video for one of her most prolific songs on her "The Coronation" joint. The song tells of her struggles with the rap industry, her decisions to rap and trap instead of going to college and her survival through it all. Check it out:

Saturday, November 1, 2014

New Video: Paasky "Ali"

Once again New Orleans Native Paasky teams up with Director B Mike to bring you his lastest visual entitled "Ali". This video is the first official look inside Paasky's upcoming project "King Solomon" which is set to release this Black Friday.

Sunday, October 26, 2014


The 2014 NOLA HIP HOP AWARDS was EPIC. The 5 year anniversary couldn't have started off better than with a Throwback Skit about New Orleans hip hop culture. The skit was produced by 3517 Law Street Films and featured the hosts for the night, myself and Shiney Green. It was followed by an opening set with DJ Jubilee. 
DJ Jubilee and Myself
Following his set the award for Hottest Lyricist of the Year was presented by So Stimulus. The award went to VISH who lost his life earlier this year. His family came to the stage to accept his award. Producer of the Year went to BlaqnMild, who arrogantly proclaimed, "I don't see any competition out there." Blaq works hard with NOLA talent and indeed deserves to have the award, but I'm sure that made the other producers feel some type of way. The next performer for the night was the group 0017th. The group performed a conscious record entitled, "Black Man." At the end of their performance, they walked to the front of the stage with their hands up in honor of Mike Brown and others who lost their lives to negligence on Black men. They encouraged the audience to stand up with their hands up as well. 
Comedian Rude Jude presented the award for Hottest Club DJ of the year. That went to DJ Poppa, who was not in attendance. He was on Social Shakedown at Q93. Lajoan of Dream Management presented the award for Hottest Bounce Mix DJ of the Year to Flipset Fred, who wasn't in attendance either. He arrived later to accept his award. After this, video cyphers played throughout the theater for those in attendance. 
Then Double G held it down for Uptown and Buzy & C. Perkins put on a mesmerizing set for the ladies. There was a banner lowered with the two of their faces and names on it. It set the stage for them as they performed a love joint. 
Hottest Event Promoter of the Year went to Hood Status Ent. Supa presented the award for Hottest Male Vocalist. It went to Roca B. C.O. presented the award for Hottest Female Vocalist. It went to Iris P, who hadn't arrived yet. The night was still young, but it was time for a tribute. Gary Holzenthal former owner of Odessy Records, a Mom and Pop CD shop that was originally located in the old Carrollton Shopping Center, received a Life Time Achievement Award. Gary an older White guy remembered some of the artists that walked through his door with their cd. He named a few of them. Next a tribute video played on the big screens for Beamer, Cash Money Vamp and Beezle all who lost their lives this year to senseless violence. Hottest Song of the Year went to 5th Ward Weebie for "Let Me Find Out." Hottest Album of the year went to The Wave, (Formerly Known as K-Gates), who encouraged New Orleans artists to take their talents on the road. "We have some characters down here, bruh. The world wants to see this," he said. He said, when he was down in Miami, they asked him if he knew Mario P. Mario P is the guy who is responsible for putting a N.O. saying, "You a Whole Hoe Outchea," on t-shirts. DJ Hektik then presented the award for Hottest Mixtape of the year to Young Greatness. Greatness represented for Maxx Pain who is incarcerated. He also boasted, "S/O to 300/Atlantic for that 5 million dollar deal." Congrats to him. 
Afterwards was a performance by Deelow. Deelow brought out sexy women, stage props and just lit up the stage with his ICE. He had to just get his jewelry cleaned, because his diamonds were glistening as he performed his single, "Carats." Then Wade came to the stage with a live guitar player for his single, "Love We Makin." They both did a very good job. 
A live cypher featuring Allie Baby, The Show, Noon D'Yungin, Ja So Rude and Neno Calvin was next.  Everybody in that cypher held their own. Mario P presented the award for Hottest video of the year to 0017th for "Ali." 0017th said that their video for "Ali" was so impactful that the Ali family has contacted them and has been supporting everything they do. Hottest Videographer went to a girl named, Cinamonda. Allie Baby presented the award for Hustler of the Year, which went to The Wave. K-Gates informed every hustler, "For every dollar you make in New Orleans, you can make 33 dollars somewhere else." He encouraged people how when we make it out of here, we make it to the TOP. He named some of the people from here that are living large. I loved his energy on last night. 
The next Life Time Recipient was LBJ. His award was presented by DJ Ro. Then Hoodstar ENT. came on with their single, "No Limit." Calliope Var, B3, Tokyo and Hood Star Ent showed out for Uptown.
K-Izzy performed "Neville." Hottest Club Promoter of the Year went to Hood Status Ent. Hottest Comedian went to Shoosh. There was a tribute video to Nicki Da B, Yung Vish and Philly Beamin. Then Ms. Tee came with a throwback performance as fans sang along. Dusty Money won Hottest Group of the Year for the 2nd year in a row. Hottest New Artist of the Year went to Maxx Pain, who's as I said before is incarcerated. It was accepted by his Manager and friends. They came in large numbers to support him with Maxx Pain t-shirts on. DJ Blaza performed along with 10th Ward Buck.
 Shirani Rae received Life Time Recipient award for her contributions through her store Peaches Records, another mom and Pop shop that was formerly located in Gentilly, but is now in the French Quarters on Decatur St. The highlight of the night was when Young Greatness came to the stage to perform his single, "Buku," featuring Juvenile. He came to the stage with about 20 guys, even Maxx Pain's crew. He put on an electrifying performance. That set the night off. Then
following that was a Performance by G. Baby, Warren Mayes daughter and a Tribute to him. The late Rapper's Mom came to the stage with about 15 of his children to accept his award. Hottest Female artist was presented by Shoosh and it went to Lady Dahlia. Then there was a live cypher by the groups Dusty Money and Clock Work. They went EXTRA hard. Following that, the 8-9 Boyz performed, "My Favorite." Then Iris P came to present Hottest Male Artist to 5th Ward Weebie and Soulja Slim's little sister came up to give the Soulja Slim award to Keedy Black. Last, but certainly not least 5 th Ward Weebie played a video vlog of his recent endeavors, letting the fans see that he's been working with Snoop Dog and he has a very promising 2015 in store. He then performed his hit single, "Let Me Find Out." 
Besides a few upsets and more than a few EGOS, (Without Egos, it wouldn't be New Orleans or Hip Hop) last night was a great showing. The performances were great and so was the turn out. The 2014 NOLA HP HOP AWARDS was so LIT that the Fire Marshall and Lieutenant Marlon Diflilo had to stop in to see what was going on. That's a good thing! No one was hurt or killed and everyone had a good time. Special Thanks to Supreme Street aka Crack Tracks aka Lawrence Parker for allowing me to be apart of such an awesome event in support of NOLA Talent. Peace, until next time....Ya Heard Me!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Laughs from the Voting Polls: Man Tells President Obama Not to Touch His Girlfriend

President Obama went to cast his early vote in his hometown of Chicago and the boyfriend of a voter wanted to be seen. He walked pass the President and told him, "Mr. President, don't touch my girlfriend." My first thought is how are they even letting these random people walk that close to the President? Of course, the guy was doing a prank, but sheesh. Did he have to be such a douche bag. President Obama kept his cool, but I'm sure he wasn't feeling that approach. By the way, it is hilarious the way he responded. They say they have a bunch of CLOWNS in Chi-town. Check it out.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Vlog: Young Greatness "I Tried to Tell'Em"

New Orleans own 7th ward St.Bernard Projects Young Greatness, who recently snagged a deal with 300/Atlantic talks about his journey in the rap game, his single "Buku," his new deal and what he stands for. The young rapper has been grinding it out between New Orleans and Atlanta, trying to make his mark in the game. Check out, "I Tried to Tell'em."

New Video: DeeDay "InstaStar"

New Orleans Westbanks own DeeDay is back with a new single, "InstaStar." This is a song about the people who show off on Instagram, when in real life they're not really living like that. It's really funny!